Universities On-line Classes Failing

The New York Times reports that higher education’s version of on-line schooling, MOOC’s (Massively Open Online Courses) is massively failing. A recent study showed that:

only about half of those who registered for a course ever viewed a lecture, and only about 4 percent completed the courses.

These are college-aged students, generally thought of as much more motivated learners than the average primary school student. In fact, another study found that 80% of MOOC students already have a degree, and yet, they almost never complete a course.

NYT 11-13

These failures were common, including among charter school kids who had access to mentors:

Despite access to … mentors, the online students last spring — including many from a charter high school in Oakland — did worse than those who took the classes on campus. In the algebra class, fewer than a quarter of the students — and only 12 percent of the high school students — earned a passing grade.

Read the entire article.

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