NCAA Suspends K12, Inc. schools

In order to play sports as a freshman in an NCAA Division I or II college, students must establish their eligibility, including that they are high school graduates. And that graduation can be from an online school, so long as the NCCA establishes that it qualifies.

In late April, 2014, the list of banned on-line schools was expanded to include 24 K-12, Inc. schools:

California Virtual Academy – San Joaquin
California Virtual Academy – San Diego
California Virtual Academy – Los Angeles
California Virtual Academy – Sutter
California Virtual Academy – Jamestown
California Virtual Academy – Kern
California Virtual Academy – San Mateo
California Virtual Academy – Kings
California Virtual Academy – Sonoma
San Francisco Flex Academy (CA)
Silicon Valley Flex Academy (Morgan Hill, CA)
California Virtual Academy – LA High
California Virtual Academy – Santa Ysabel
Colorado Virtual Academy Cova (North Glenn, CO)
Georgia Cyber Academy (Atlanta, GA)
Nevada Virtual Academy (Las Vegas, NV)
Ohio Virtual Academy (Maumee, OH)
Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (Nicoma Park, OK)
Agora Cyber Charter School (Wayne, PA)
South Carolina Virtual Charter (Columbia, SC)
Washington Virtual Academy – Monroe (Tacoma, WA)
Insight School of Colorado (Westminster, CO)
Insight School of Washington (Tacoma, WA)
IQ Academy Washington (Vancouver, WA)

The announcement states:


The NCAA classifies on-line instruction as a “nontraditional educational program.” It disqualifies these programs when they fail to meet these standards:


The April announcement also included this statement:


Among the K-12, Inc. schools under extended evaluation is Michigan’s public cyber charter school, the Michigan Virtual Charter Academy:


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