2015 NEP Study Shows Cyber Schools Still Failing

For a third straight year, the National Education Policy Center has concluded that cyber schools continue to fail its students. Virtual Schools in the US, 2015, reviews research related to online education performance:

The authors find that even as research on virtual schooling has increased, there is still little high-quality evidence that justifies ongoing calls for the expansion of virtual schools.

It also examined finance, governance, instructional program and teacher quality offered by these corporations:

Based on an analysis of legislative development across all states, the authors find that troubling issues continue to outpace informed policy.

NEP 2015Among the findings:

  • In 2013-14, of the 285 virtual schools that were rated by state performance measures, only 41 percent were deemed “academically acceptable.”
  • In 2011-12, virtual charter schools scored 22 percentage points lower on AYP than bricks-and-mortar public schools.
  • The on-time graduation rate for virtual school students in 2013-14 was barely half the national average.
  • The average student-to-teacher ratio is twice that of the nation’s public schools.
  •  Little progress has been made toward the development of requirements for the preparation, certification, and licensure of online teachers.
  • Virtual schools serve significantly fewer minority students, fewer lower income students, and fewer students with disabilities than traditional public schools.
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