Contractors for Michigan’s two cyber charters, K12 Inc. and Connections, have generated controversy

  • “Illinois has put a one-year moratorium on new online charter schools … to study issues such as student performance and costs associated with virtual charter schools… Earlier this year, nonprofit Virtual Learning Solutions proposed starting the Illinois Virtual Charter School @ Fox River Valley in the western suburbs. The online school … would be managed by K12 Inc. … but each of the 18 districts that would have been affected, including those in Naperville, Aurora, St. Charles, Geneva and Elgin, turned down the proposal.” State bans new online charter schools for 1 year, Chicago Tribune, May 27, 2013

“The [Florida] state Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General … is examining whether K12 uses improperly certified teachers, in violation of state law. K12 allegedly asked certified teachers to sign for having taught students they never encountered, according to documents that are part of the investigation.” In K12 Courses, 275 Students to a Single Teacher, StateImpact, National Public Radio,  September 16, 2012

  •  “K12 Inc. … was founded … by William Bennett, the Republican writer and talk-show host, with an infusion of cash from the former disgraced junk-bond king Mike Milken. [(In 2005, Bennett resigned)] Its teachers generally work from their homes, communicating with their students by e-mail or phone. (At one point in Arizona, essays of students attending an online academy run by K12 were outsourced to India for correction.” Virtually Educated, Gail Collins, New York Times, December 2, 2011
  •  “Former State Representative Stephen Dyer became suspicious when members of the benignly named organization My School, My Choice paraded through his northeastern Ohio district carrying signs attacking him: “Why Won’t Rep. Stephen Dyer let parents choose the best education for their kids?” The protest was prompted by questions Mr. Dyer had raised over the state’s financing formula for charter and online schools. The group describes itself as a coalition of parents, teachers and employees of the schools. But Mr. Dyer said that his wife questioned the people carrying the signs and found out they were paid temp agency workers.” Profits and Questions at Online Schools, The New York Times, December 12, 2011

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